The hidden sales power of belief


I love portmanteaus.

Brunch, Spork, Staycation and Chillax.

A portmanteau is a combination of two words to make a new word.


I recently launched a webinar recently called Digging Ditches.

It examines the hidden power of the act of doing new business. Within a company, the act of doing new business has a similar effect on the staff as the act of charity does on the individual.

It’s belief.

In the individual, the act of charity creates a sense of belief, satisfaction, reward, connection and reciprocation.

In a company, the act of new business creates a sense of direction, of purpose, of growth, expectation and possibility.

In the webinar – as an example of this, I used a very powerful graduation speech given by Sir Anthony Hopkins about the power of belief.

In it, he tells the story of an ancient city that was plagued by drought, and the population was growing weary of failure.

The emperor told them to start digging ditches.

They resisted at first but slowly they began to see the possibility of a future with rain and how they would be able to deal with it, use it and retain it.

They were able to bring the future into the present. To bend time.

I also did a couple of podcasts on the same subject – one with psychologist Dr Rachel Laws and the other with sales guru Brad Smith – both about the power of faith in company growth.

You can find them both here:

The power of belief is something that so many companies these days fail to acknowledge, because it’s not something you buy.

Belief is something you build.

To make it relevant to today’s team members, let’s call it Imagivation.

Imagination and innovation.

Or imagination and motivation – both work.

When a team can see the potential of how their company will grow, how their careers will develop and how their lives will improve, they lift their heads up.

They look up, not down.

They imagine, they begin to dream and become more motivated.

They bring the future into the present.

Don’t you want a team that is inspired to look forward to tomorrow and to want to work towards it?

Imagination is the secret to a successful sale.

If you can get the buyer to imagine how much better their life will be, having made the decision to buy your product, then your work becomes so much easier.

It’s like the line that creative advertising genius Dave Trott used as the basis for all his creative:

“What’s in it for me?”

All he had to do was answer that question for the consumer in the creative.

If your creative is about saving the Earth’s environment or being inclusive, then you’re losing the customer’s imagination unless you can also demonstrate a direct benefit for them.

If your creative is about how much better their life will be from buying your product AND it will help save the planet, then you’re getting somewhere.

If your plant-based burger tastes wonderful, costs less AND helps save the planet, that’s a combination of benefits I can get behind.

If you can help me imagine how much better my life will be and the bi-product is the betterment of the planet, then you’ve just helped me make a buying decision based on imagivation.

Never underestimate the power of the act of doing something now, to create positivity later.

Never underestimate the act of the new business process for your company’s future benefit as well as its present benefit.

I’m available for company webinars and workshops, so if you would like me to give a short presentation to your team then let me know.

Just think of how inspired they will be; newly empowered with the free ability to imagine how your company can grow!

That’s imagivation!

That’s the power of belief.